Reflexology Lymph Drainage: The Lowdown
"New to reflexology lymph drainage? Here's a brief background into RLD and how it's used and whether it's something for you...…"

It’s my first blog post in a while. I’ve been busy, then not so busy, then busy in my brain, so the blog took a bit of a rest while I did other things. One of those other things was doing a brilliant and intense two-day course on reflexology lymph drainage (RLD).

What is RLD?

RLD was devised by Sally Kay. (Tangent alert – Sally is a beautiful person and her dedication is exceptional). She worked with breast cancer patients who had lymphoedema in their arms following surgical treatment. By developing a reflexology protocol working on the lymphatic system through the feet, she noticed that she was able to reduce the fluid retained in the arm.

Does it work?

RLD is unusual in the reflexology world as it is being researched through a series of trials. Participants in the trials reported that they had a reduction in swelling and an improvement in their self-esteem. Here’s video testimonial.

What else can RLD be used for?

Due to the case studies by practitioners, the information base is growing to indicate that RLD may be useful for conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and ME. This could be due to the relaxing and non-invasive nature of the treatment.

What can you expect from an RLD treatment?

If you have reflexology for relaxation and general wellbeing, don’t worry, RLD is super-relaxing! The main difference is that there is a focus on the lymphatic reflexes so there is a more of a focus on the top of the foot. RLD also follows the ‘three foot’ routine where it starts on one foot, followed by the other and then back to the initial foot. The timing of the treatment is similar to a typical reflexology session, and with me, the cost of the treatment is also the same.

If you think reflexology lymph drainage would be a useful addition to your self-care and wellbeing routine, drop me a line here to book in.