Reflexology: A Love Letter to Relaxation, Kindness and Feet
"I’m in deep – reflexology's not just about feet, though, it’s about individuals, community and helping people feel more like themselves.…"

It has dawned on me that in the process of starting a business, ‘doing’ Christmas, and generally getting on with life, that I haven’t actually written a post about one of the true loves of my life – reflexology.

It’s been a whirlwind to be honest. We met in 2018, as I was looking for something to help me get some balance in my life. I had a treatment with the amazing Marie Delph. I talked all the way through and didn’t relax. The dream client I was not.

As a result, there was a spark of something new and a world opened up. I handed in my notice as a teacher and retrained as a reflexologist with Jackie Hamilton. Simple, no? Well, maybe not that simple. There was the juggling at home, learning something totally new, facing demons from high school exams. Practical assessments and what felt like mountains of paperwork (even to an ex-teacher), but there were tutors who held our hands, then let us fly. There were new and magnificent friends.

Then there’s the feet of course. All manner of feet – delicate, strong, long, compact, elegant, hard-working – I’ve never met a pair that I didn’t like. Believe me, your feet are not all the negative things you might think.

I’m in deep – reflexology not just about feet, though, it’s about individuals, community and helping people feel more like themselves. It’s about relaxation, it’s about inclusivity, it’s about therapeutic touch. Sessions can be chatty, they can be silent or they can be both. It’s about giving people permission to just be.

There’s the magic moments when people manage to switch off. Cheers to the the sleepers (there is no higher compliment…) and to the talkers who get things straight in their mind and evaporate their worries. There’s the people who leave walking on air, and the ones who crawl into bed and have a great night’s sleep.

Reflexology is relaxation, it’s kindness, it’s patience, it’s love.